The right diet plan for easy weight loss

I weighed a whopping 86 Kgs when I was in college. It was a sheer embarrassments and I kept making excuses to stop myself from feelings guilty about being lethargic and lazy. Loose fitting clothes and dark colors became my companions so that I can make myself look toned. But, the truth cannot be concealed for long. It was when I was detected with diabetes that I finally broke all the shackles of laziness and excuses and decided to hit the road in my jogging shoes. But, soon I realized that I had to get my diet plan in order and just rigorous exercising will not help. I needed to check my calorie intake and make sure that I am able to burn as much. After a getting in touch with a friend’s physiotherapist and nutritionist, I managed to chalk out the perfectly balanced diet for myself. It was made according to my weight, height and age so that I may receive the right amount of nutrition and don’t starve.

A super-exciting diet schedule

Since the nutritionist knew about my likes and preferences she made sure that the diet plan I made would be realistic and not drastic. I first thing I did was pasting the poster of a super fit model on my wall and starting eating the right food. The mornings had me eating two slices of brown bread with cucumber slices, a freshly-made fruit juice and two egg whites. After two hours I was asked to have a fruit. It could be anything but banana. For my lunch I had brown rice, pulses, and a small bowl of vegetable curry that did not have carrots and potatoes and was cooked with very little oil. I was allowed to have a certain quantity of fish, chicken or steak. In the evening I had a handful of almonds and a plate full of fruits. At night I had a bowl of oatmeal or cornflakes. This was the diet I followed for a month and I saw astounding amount of weight loss. This diet required me to eat every two hours and give up on junk food completely. Sundays I could indulge on a burger and may be ice-cream. The week-long diet had very little oil and was stuffed with green vegetables good amount of proteins. I coupled my diet plan with a 45 minute exercise routine early morning that I picked up from the physician. It serious worked wonders for me. A little sacrifice improved my metabolic rate and brought down my diabetes level. I was extremely happy but I made sure I didn’t go back to my earlier life-style.

Taking care of the metabolic rate

During this weight-loss period I learnt a lot about my body and became very conscious of what I ate. It is very wrong to over-eat or under-eat. Eating in the right quantity is what matters. To keep the blood circulation and diabetes level under control, it is important to have more proteins and vitamins and less of fats.

How I made my daughter shake off obesity

It is very important to be diet conscious and eat right from a young age. Kids and teens generally have the propensity to eat things which are forbidden. But, parents must be very careful about giving them the right diet from an early age so that their body processes function properly and they remain fit and healthy. My elder daughter had an over-weight problem from her younger days. She weighed 50Kgs when she was in standard four and her weight kept on growing every year. Though she was actively involved in her extra-curricular activities in school, she continued to be obese. When I consulted the dietician, he introduced me to a proper diet plan for her along with Venus Factor.

What I did for my daughter

I was very particular about not compromising on her health and that is what I kept as a goal from the very first. My dietician was of the view that even though she is exercising, her genetic nature of gaining weight easily is not helping her lose weight. Moreover, her diet plan wasn’t right. As she was in school and needed to be active both mentally and physically, I had to make sure that she gets the right amount of nutrition and does not go without food at any point of time. Moreover, I had also to keep her mentally happy and enthusiastic and not lethargic. According to the instructions given by my doctor, I set her on a seven-day plan which worked like no other.

The perfect diet plan for losing ample weight

The Venus Factor Review had also inspired me to take the right diet along with the right exercises in order to lose weight. The first day, I gave her a lot of nutritious fruits to eat, except bananas. The fruits mainly comprised of a lot of melons. It worked for her as she loves watermelon and loupe. She had her amply supply of melons on the first, which was helpful in losing three lbs. The second day was the vegetable diet plan. There was no plan to limit her consumption of calories and I encouraged her to eat as much cooked and raw vegetables she could. The body will need a lot of complex carbohydrates on the second day and so I gave her a big baked potato for breakfast. You can also add a blob of butter to make the potato tasty. On the third day, I gave her a mixture of both vegetables and fruits. She had the full liberty of eating as much she can and no quantity was specified. But, no bananas or potatoes that day. The fourth day was the indulgence day. She could have ample bananas and milk. Throughout the day I gave her to eat as many as eight bananas and made her drink three glasses of milk. I also prepared a special vegetable soup which are gave her in certain quantities at regular intervals. The fifth day was the day of feasting. The dietician allowed her to have tomatoes and beef. I gave her 10 oz portion of vegetables and beef. She feasted immensely and ate to her heart’s content. On the seventh day I limited her food intake to only brown rice and vegetables, fresh fruits and juices. When I checked her weight the following morning I found that she weighed 10-17lbs less than what she actually weighed. I was exulted and made her repeat the program till she came to a proper weight. Now I simply make her go on a simple diet routine, so that she can stay fit and healthy and also enjoy her lifestyle.

Going on a healthy soup diet

There are several interesting and principled ways of losing weight. But, it is important to know which techniques suit a person’s body the best. I came across a very peculiar soup diet once and I was surprised to find that it worked. This soup diet is actually supplement to your normal diet and can be taken at any quantities throughout the day. The fact that I liked about the soup was that it was both nutritious and tasty. This soup helped me to get rid of my post-pregnancy weight and I started looking fit and fabulous like before. This coup diet coupled with routine exercise can work wonders for one’s body.

A soup for the healthy eater

This soup comprises of 28 oz, 2 green peppers, 6 large onion, 1 head cabbage, whole tomatoes, 1 bunch celery, onion soup mix, herbs, and some added flavors. I preferred salad with this soup and it tastes rally nice. This soup required no dressing and I preferred it in the raw form. But, a gastronomic can surely do with some white vinegar, malt, garlic, squeezed lemon, a little oil and herbs. I cooked up this soup with minimum oil and spices. It was a pleasure to eat but those who aren’t into too many vegetables will not have a problem, as this recipe is not inflexible. Peas, corn, turnip, asparagus, cauliflower, green beans etc can be put inside them. It would be better if you stay away from beans as they are very high on calories. I went on this soup diet for two alternate weeks and I lost 2kgs in a month. The diet surely worked. I stayed away from all sorts of fat foods but indulged in beverages during those days.

Important things to remember while following soup diet

Maintaining balance is very important. Hence, I would suggest that taking some fruits would also be great. Juices are great but try to have the natural ones and avoid the canned juices. It is important to go for vegetables which are low on calorie and fat. Tomatoes are a compulsion as they have fiber which is very good for cleansing the system. Do abstain from alcohol and sweets completely during this phase. If you want it to work, you will have to be very strict with your diet and health regime. On the fifth day, try to stuff in more tomatoes (at least six).